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hosting a dinner party, or enjoying a few
bottles of wine with family and friends

About JR Oak & Barrel

Our Story
Hong Kong has become the wine hub of Asia over the past decade since the removal of the wine tax in 2008. Today, wine is a big part of everyday life for Hong Kong people and the diversity of wine selection continues to grow. Wine drinkers in Hong Kong are now more knowledgable and adventurous with a more open minded palates. This is a great opportunity for more new labels and boutique wines to enter the Hong Kong market, providing more choices for wine lovers. However, trying to find a unique wine at the right price range can be a challenge.
At JR Oak & Barrel,  we strive to bring you well crafted wines with experienced eye and an emphasis on value. We carefully source labels from Grand Cru Classe to wines from Boutique vineyards. We work with passionate producers, trusted négociants and reputable wine merchants. If you are looking for a unique wine that you don't see at every store, you are at the right place. We are excited to offer these delicious wines to get your palate truly excited.    
Boutique wine

'The beauty of Boutique wines' 

While the legendary wineries are producing their world class fine wines, many other independent wine producers around the globe are crafting very unique and high quality wines that are difficult to discovered. Although highly regarded in their local markets, they are relatively not well known in Hong Kong. 

Boutique wineries have smaller size vineyards with limited productions. Often, they do not export their wine in big volume to other countries.  Invariably, these winemakers are very focused on detail and quality. Their wines are thoughtfully crafted using wine making techniques that ensure that the style of the finished wine is well balanced and truly reflects the attributes that define the best wine made in their region.      


The founders at JR Oak & Barrel have developed a passion of Boutique Wines over the years. Our initial focus has been on wine growing regions in Australia, France, Italy and Spain. We continually strive to find these hidden gems and bring them into Hong Kong, Macau and China at a very affordable price.


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